We move sheds!

Do you have a portable wooden storage shed that you would like to move? We can help! We offer both onsite moves, where we move your shed from one location to another on your property, and road hauls, where we haul your shed from one location to another.

Here is what we can work with. Your shed needs to be:

  1. Twelve feet or less in width (across the widest point of the width)
  2. Twenty-six feet or less in length
  3. Twelve feet or less in height
  4. Sturdy enough to withstand a haul
  5. Built on wooden skids (sometimes these can be added later)
  6. Located in the Northern California area, within roughly 100 miles of Red Bluff

Interested? Call us up, or contact us via our Contacts page, and write down where your shed is, and where you would like to move it to. We’ll get back to you with a few more questions, and a quote.