Why Customers Choose The Barn

The Barn provides unbelievable storage space for your square footage. Its classic high gambrel roof with a loft inside makes it a favorite shed for those who need tons of storage! A 4’ wide entrance door gives easy access, and the 4′ loft has 6′ of headroom underneath. Windows and 6’ double doors are an optional upgrade.


8 x 8 $2,290
8 x 10 $2,565
8 x 12 $2,835
8 x 14 $3,105
8 x 15 $3,370
10 x 10 $2,905
10 x 12 $3,220
10 x 14* $3,525
10 x 16* $3,840

Our pricing is clear and upfront, without suprises, and includes painting. Upgrades are additional.

*Most municipalities require permits over 10 x 12’. Prices do not include permit costs.

Favourite Upgrades

Double Doors
Side Windows
Octagon Window

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We had considered another brand but it was a difficult process for some reason. I found Sequoia after searching online and after a couple phone calls, we were all set. When installation time was near we realized that a big storm was coming so called Theodore to find out if that would be a problem. The next day, the two guy installed it. No fuss. The whole process was very smooth which we didn't expect, at all. The price was right, as well. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Thank you, so much.
Gary and Judith, Chico

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