Rising lumber costs

Yes, lumber prices are going crazy right now. We have never seen anything like it, ever. Not only lumber, but also sheet goods such as plywood and OSB, continue to rise and rise in price. Every time we have to reorder something, the price on it has gone up significantly. As a result, we have had to raise our shed prices nearly every month this year. As of this post date (May 5, 2021), that trend certainly looks like it will continue.

So here are two tips to get the best price on sheds.

  1. Order sooner rather than later. Once you have ordered a shed, the price is locked in, and you are protected from further increases.
  2. If you aren’t ready to order yet, get a written quote. A quote gives you a fixed price which is good for 21 days. That way you have a bit of time to think and plan before placing your order. You can get a written quote at the Free Quote page on this website, or by visiting our sales lot.