Display discounts!

Deals, deals, deals! Here is a list of the display storage sheds that are available at a discount price! These are new display sheds sitting on our lot in Red Bluff that have never been sold or delivered to any customer. Now’s your chance to get a great shed at an even lower price than normal.

10 x 12 Premium Ranch with security pins and deadbolt. Price: $5030. Reduced price: $4600.

This 10×12 Premium Ranch shed was built with extra security and safety in mind. In addition to the locking handle, the door features a heavy-duty deadbolt, and security pins on the hinge side of the door. Even if a thief unscrews the hinges, they still can’t get the door off. This shed sat in a parking lot with banners attached for two years. The inside was never used. Now’s your chance to get a shed as good as new for a better-than-new price.

8×12 Premium Ranch. Regular price: $4340. Display discount: $4100

This 8×12 Premium Ranch sat on display for nearly a year. Now on clearance.