Chalet shed without porch

We’ve been building Chalet-style sheds for several years. They look like this:

They’re really cute! They have the look of a little cabin. A lot of our customers like the steep roof, for two reasons: they like the style, or they live where it snows and like the increased ability to shed snow. If you live in the foothills or mountain areas of Northern California, this style of shed fits in quite well!

We’ve been receiving requests to build a Chalet style shed without a porch: just a shed with a steep roof. So we started doing that. Here is a picture of a display 8×15 Chalet. The transom window above the door is not included in the base price

So yes, you can order a Chalet without the porch! And yes, you will save money that way. The Chalet without the porch is similar in price to a Premium Barn of the same dimensions. And the Chalet without the porch includes a 4′ loft in the back of the shed.