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New! We offer SilverTech siding!

silvertech siding

Sequoia Sheds now offers SilverTech siding as an upgrade on our sheds. Silvertech is a siding made by Louisiana Pacific (LP), and is part of their SmartSide siding product line. We have been using LP’s Smartside Siding for years, and are very happy with its performance. It is the best choice for shed siding. Now, […]

How Do I Get a Shed in a Back Yard With a Fence?

A shed in a back yard

At Sequoia Sheds, we are in the business of installing sheds right where our customers want them. Sometimes that means getting a shed into a back yard with a fence all around it. Maybe that is your situation, and you are looking to buy a shed from us. Or maybe you are just trying to […]

How Do I Prepare My Site For a Shed?

8x12 shed on gravel site

You’d like to buy a shed. You know where you want to put it, but you’d like to know: “What do I need to do to the site so it’s ready for a shed?” First, a few preliminary facts. Ideally, there will be at least 18” of room on all four sides of the shed, […]

Shingles or Metal: Which Makes the Better Shed Roof?

At Sequoia Sheds, we offer two types of roofing material for our storage sheds: architectural asphalt shingles, and metal. Which roof is better? What are the pros and cons of each roof? Here is what we know about each roofing material, and why you may want to choose one or the other for your shed. […]

Display discounts!

Red Premium Ranch Shed with white trim

Deals, deals, deals! Here is a list of the display storage sheds that are available at a discount price! These are new display sheds sitting on our lot in Red Bluff that have never been sold or delivered to any customer. Now’s your chance to get a great shed at an even lower price than […]

What Size Shed Can I Get Without a Permit in California?

When looking for a shed in California, many people end up asking the question, “What size shed can I get without having to get a building permit?” Here at Sequoia Sheds, we’ve gotten asked that question enough times that we decided to compile the information we have on the subject in a blog. The quick […]

Get Your Shed this Winter

Are you worried about purchasing a shed in the winter due to extensive rain and mud? Think again! At Sequoia Sheds we aren’t afraid of a little rain. If you’ve been delaying your shed purchase, we ask you to consider the reasons why winter is the best time to buy a shed. We Build & […]

We Offer Shed Ramps | Red Bluff California

One challenge shed owners often face is how to get wheeled objects up into their shed. When your shed has a floor system that elevates it off the ground 8 to 10 inches, that can be tough. And for those who drive their lawnmower or quad into their shed, ramps are a necessity. We are […]

Get a shed moved!

Truck delivering shed

We can move sheds! Do you have an existing shed that needs to be re-located on your property? Or do you want to haul it to a new location? Consider it done! Call Virgil today at (530) 737-8780. Virgil is the delivery driver for Sequoia Sheds. He covers most of California north of Sacramento, and […]

100% Financing for your shed purchase

Ranch Shed with Door Accents

The good news is, yes, you can finance your shed purchase! Sequoia Sheds now offers a financing option, through GreenSky. You can finance as much or as little of your purchase as you want. That means you can put, say, $500 down and make payments on the balance, or put $0 dollars down, and finance […]