Building Permits

Most counties in our service area require building permits for shed sizes over 120 square feet, or 10′ x 12′. If you are interested in a shed over 120 square feet, and would like to obtain a permit for it, we can provide you with plans to furnish your building department when requesting a permit. Ask us for more information, and for the approximate costs of building a structure that meets code and permit requirements.

Choosing and Preparing a Shed Site

Gravel backgroundWhen you are preparing your site location for shed delivery, keep in mind that the shed area should be within 6” of being level, and should have at least 18” of clearance between the shed placement and any surrounding fences or buildings. During delivery, we’ll also need an adequate access path to reach the shed site, including 2 feet of vertical clearance in addition to your shed height. Sometimes trimming a few branches can make all the difference.

If you have questions or concerns about your shed site, we will be happy to discuss your specific location, and see what we can do to assist.

 During delivery, we will level the shed on your site, using leveling blocks which we provide. Many of our customers decide to put down a gravel base on the site, extending  a foot beyond the boundaries of the shed. This is a great idea, and provides a perfect base for your shed.

Shed Delivery

We offer free delivery within 50 miles of our location!


We normally deliver your fully-assembled shed right to your site, using our delivery trailer and a mechanized shed-mover with wheels. We place the shed on your prepared location, then level it and block as needed before we leave.

If there is no access path big enough to bring in a fully-assembled shed, we can do an on-site build, which typically takes one full day, and adds 7.5% to the cost of your shed. Your responsibility to meet code requirements and prepare your shed location remains the same.

Questions? Just ask!