Sheds for Sale Available Now

Below is our available inventory of display sheds for sale available now. Inventory sheds are already built, so you don’t have to wait as long as with a custom order. Call or email us to confirm availability of the shed you like. We try to keep this page up to date, but some sheds may have sold and not yet been removed from this listing. Prices listed include free delivery within 50 miles of Red Bluff.

For information on finance options for your purchase, click here!

10×12 Premium Ranch with security lock upgrade: Price: $4650. Reduced Price: $4000. Display discount!!
8×12 Premium Ranch. Regular price: $3910. Display Discount: $3700
10×12 Premium Lean-to with 9-lite door with two 2×3 windows and three transom windows. Price: $6710.
10×12 Cottage with Porch and metal roof upgrade. Price: $7800
8×15 Chalet. Price: $6480
10×12 Premium Barn with 6′ double doors, 5′ transom, and metal roof upgrade. Price: $5625
10×12 Premium Barn with 6′ double doors. Price: $5280
8×12 Premium Barn with transom window. Price: $4555.
10×12 Premium Ranch with lap siding, sliding glass door, and 2×3 dual-pane window. Price: $5940
10×12 Premium Ranch with 6′ double doors, ramp, 2×3 window, 4′ workbench, 10′ shelf. Price: $5226.
10×12 Premium Ranch with 2×3 window. Price: $4635
10×12 Premium Ranch with 2×3 window. Price: $4635.
8×8 Premium Ranch with window, flowerbox, and metal roof upgrade. Price: $3450.
8×14 Standard Ranch with Gable vents. Price: $3430.
8×12 Standard Ranch with gable vents. Price: $3110
8×10 Standard Ranch with gable vents. Price: $2790.
10×12 Standard Barn with gable vents. Price: $4180
10×12 Horse Shelter. Price: $3950

Get a shed moved!

We can move sheds! Do you have an existing shed that needs to be re-located on your property? Or do you want to haul it to a new location? Consider it done! Call Virgil today at (530) 737-8780.

Virgil is the delivery driver for Sequoia Sheds. He covers most of California north of Sacramento, and he would be happy to give you a price on re-locating your shed. Call him directly if you want to buy and move someone’s shed, or if you are moving and want to take your own shed with you.

Display discounts!

Deals, deals, deals! Here is a list of the display storage sheds that are available at a discount price! These are new display sheds sitting on our lot in Red Bluff that have never been sold or delivered to any customer. Now’s your chance to get a great shed at an even lower price than normal.

10 x 12 Premium Ranch with security pins and deadbolt. Price: $5030. Reduced price: $4600.

This 10×12 Premium Ranch shed was built with extra security and safety in mind. In addition to the locking handle, the door features a heavy-duty deadbolt, and security pins on the hinge side of the door. Even if a thief unscrews the hinges, they still can’t get the door off. This shed sat in a parking lot with banners attached for two years. The inside was never used. Now’s your chance to get a shed as good as new for a better-than-new price.

8×12 Premium Ranch. Regular price: $4340. Display discount: $4100

This 8×12 Premium Ranch sat on display for nearly a year. Now on clearance.

Dog houses for sale!

We now have a stock of dog houses for sale. Nice painted exterior with architectural shingled roof. Heavy enough not to blow over in the wind. We have two sizes, 2’x3′ and 2’x2′. Prices are $150 and $135, respectively. Stop by today and purchase a house for your dog! We are located at 13481 Baker Road, Red Bluff.

100% Financing for your shed purchase

The good news is, yes, you can finance your shed purchase! Sequoia Sheds now offers a financing option, through Hearth. You can finance as much or as little of your purchase as you want. That means you can put, say, $500 down and make payments on the balance, or put $0 dollars down, and finance the entire purchase!

Financing your shed purchase is a great option to have. It especially makes sense if you are already paying money every month to rent a self-storage unit. Instead of throwing your money away on rent, you could be paying off a shed.

Finance options will vary, depending on your credit history. You will often see multiple loan options to choose from.

To see if you qualify, select the button below to fill out a quick pre-qualification form. See your personalized payment options in minutes, without affecting your credit score. Apply now!

Hearth 310x120
-Theodore, Sequoia Sheds

Chalet shed without porch

We’ve been building Chalet-style sheds for several years. They look like this:

They’re really cute! They have the look of a little cabin. A lot of our customers like the steep roof, for two reasons: they like the style, or they live where it snows and like the increased ability to shed snow. If you live in the foothills or mountain areas of Northern California, this style of shed fits in quite well!

We’ve been receiving requests to build a Chalet style shed without a porch: just a shed with a steep roof. So we started doing that. Here is a picture of a display 8×15 Chalet. The transom window above the door is not included in the base price

So yes, you can order a Chalet without the porch! And yes, you will save money that way. The Chalet without the porch is similar in price to a Premium Barn of the same dimensions. And the Chalet without the porch includes a 4′ loft in the back of the shed.

What makes Sequoia Sheds special?

Careful craftsmanship is our goal at Sequoia Sheds. If you’re wondering, “What does that actually mean?” this post is for you. Join me in a brief walk around our sheds, and let’s look at some of the features that distinguish our Premium line of sheds.

Let’s start at the ground level. The lumber in the floor is all pressure-treated to resist insects, moisture, and decay. The floor is solidly built with joists every 16 inches, and 3/4″ plywood on top. The plywood is tongue and groove, so the joints are sturdy.

Next, the walls. We frame our sheds primarily with nails, but at critical places we use screws to hold things together. The floor plate in this picture is an example. There are some times when a nail just isn’t good enough. Our roof overhangs are also fastened on with screws.

The walls are framed with studs 16″ on center, the same as standard house framing.

On our Premium Ranch sheds, where the top plates meet at the corner we overlap the top plates of the wall, so that the joint is secure. You don’t see that in a lot of storage sheds!

No more low shed doors, where you get scalped every time you go through! All our shed doors are at least 6’6″ tall, or the same as a regular house door, so you can stand tall as you enter the shed.

Notice the plywood panel on the inside of the door. All our Premium sheds have a double-panel door; one panel of siding on the outside, and one panel of plywood on the inside of the frame. This helps the door stay strong, and helps prevent sagging and warping.

Something else we’re careful about is our paint jobs. We carefully caulk the nail heads, and any gaps between trim and siding, and anything else that looks like it needs it, before we paint. We also caulk the seams between sheets of siding as the walls are being built. This picture shows how the joint between trim and siding is well hidden.

Here’s a few things we do to protect the exterior of your shed. We use metal drip-edge around the perimeter of the roof. We put a 4″ overhang on all sides, to let the water drip away from the shed. We also put a little ledge above the door to divert the water out, so the top of the door isn’t as exposed to water when it rains.

Last but not least, we use high quality architectural shingles from Pabco, rated for 40 years, on all our shingled roofs. A metal roof is also an option, and those last even longer!

The final product: a shed that’s built to last.

Sequoia Sheds Premium Ranch Shed

Sequoia Sheds delivery area

Sequoia Sheds is located in Red Bluff. We really enjoy servicing our local town, but we gladly deliver to other communities nearby. We serve Redding, Shasta Lake, Palo Cedro, Anderson, Cottonwood, Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Corning, Vina, Orland, and Chico. If your address is in any of these cities, we offer free delivery!

Our free delivery area is 50 miles. That means that if you live within 50 road miles of our shop, even if you’re not in one of the cities listed above, we will deliver a shed to you free of charge.

If you live further away than 50 miles, we may still be able to help you! Call us for a quote on a shed delivered to your location. We do not deliver out of state.

Do you have a question about your address, or need a quote for a delivery? Give us a call, or email us on the Contact page. We’ll be happy to help you!

How can I get a shed in my back yard?

Have you considered getting a storage shed, but aren’t sure how it would get into your back yard? Maybe you just have a yard gate that’s 3 feet wide. Maybe you have a bigger gate, but that perfect spot for a shed isn’t quite as accessible as you wish it could be. Well, at Sequoia Sheds we’re here to help. We’ve had quite a bit of experience getting sheds to that perfect spot. Sometimes it’s up the hill, around the corner, through the gate, under the tree, and against the fence! But when it’s there, it’s obvious that’s the best place a shed could possibly be.

So here’s some information to help you decide what route to take. First of all, we do offer on-site builds as an option. For spots that just aren’t accessible to bring a shed in already assembled, on-site is the best. For a modest charge of 10% of the price of your shed, our crew will come out with a partly-assembled kit, and build your shed right where you need it. We usually finish in one day, framing, shingling, paint and all. (Certain sheds, such as the Cottage, the California, or the Chalet, may take two days, and will incur additional onsite fees). We do ask that you provide 18 inches (preferably 24″) of cleared area all around the spot where you plan to install the shed. If you want it right against the fence, it can be done for a fee, with a little extra work by our crew.

But maybe you’d like to save that on-site charge by getting a pre-fabricated shed, but aren’t quite sure if a shed can get to your site or not. Maybe a little information on how the shed is transported would help. We bring it out with a pickup, on a flat-bed trailer that tilts.

delivery rig

The shed rolls off the back of the trailer, onto the spot you chose. When sitting on the trailer, the shed is about 2 feet higher than when it sits on the ground. So take a look at that electric wire, or those overhanging branches, as you plan your shed-entry route.


Also, if there’s enough width to get the shed in, but the truck and trailer can’t maneuver around the corner on your route, we have one more trick up our sleeve.


See the wheels under the shed? With those wheels, and a small motorized dolly under the other end of the shed, we gain a lot of flexibility in maneuver. Chances are, if you have a wide enough gate, and the corners aren’t too tight to drive around with the shed on these wheels, we can get it in.

For information on site prep, see this.

The type of ground and the steepness of the terrain are both factors to consider as well. If you are unsure, please feel free to call us or email us a picture of your approach, and the spot where you’d like the shed. We’ll be happy to help you figure out which approach will be best.

I hope this information is helpful.

Perfect shed + perfect spot = SATISFACTION!