About Sequoia

The Sequoia Story

Sequoia Sheds was started by my father, John Yoder, in the end of 2013. Part of the reason for the name is that our family used to live in the foothills just west of Sequoia National Park, where the really big sequoias are. We’ve always loved the sequoia trees. Their beauty, majestic height, and sheer longevity make them one of the world’s most remarkable trees. When my father wanted to pick a name for a company that would built durable, long-lasting storage sheds, what better name than Sequoia Sheds?

Our first sales lot was on Antelope Blvd, in Red Bluff. Our goal was to offer high-quality storage sheds to the local community, at a price that was affordable. We started small, one shed at a time. Most advertising was word-of-mouth, or people driving by our sales lot and seeing the sheds.

Towards the end of 2015, my father started thinking of retiring from the shed business. So he sold Sequoia Sheds to his son, Theodore. (That’s me.)

I had many years of prior experience working in the shed business, which came in handy. Sequoia Sheds continued to grow. We started out with the Barn style, the Ranch style, and the Cottage. In 2015 we added the Chalet style, and in 2022 the Lean-to style, our latest model.  We also offer an economy version of the Barn and the Ranch, called the Standard Barn and the Standard Ranch. Along the way, we’ve done quite a few custom sheds for our customers that don’t fit into any of these categories. The majority of our sheds are built at the shop and hauled to the customer’s location, but a substantial minority are built on-site.

In July of 2016, we moved our sales lot on Antelope to 13481 Baker Road, Red Bluff, and had a shop built there. Now our sheds are built and sold at the same place.

Today we are busier than ever. If you come out to our place of business, you will either meet me or Reub or Jacob. The three of us and our families are what keep Sequoia Sheds going.

Our goal remains to offer high-quality storage sheds to the local community, at a price that is affordable. We offer a 10-year warranty on our Premium line of sheds, to show that we intend to stand behind the quality of our work. As always, we offer free delivery for any pre-fab sheds within 50 miles.

Thank you to all of our customers, for your support! Most of all, we owe thanks to God, who gave us the ability to work and a trade to pursue. Through the work that He gives us, we want to glorify His Name and build His kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. May God receive the glory!

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