New Shed! Introducing the California Shed style

At Sequoia Sheds, we’ve just produced a new style of shed: the California shed.

California shed from Sequoia Sheds
8×12 California shed

The California shed has several new features. It has lap siding, a hip roof, and a dormer over the door.

Our goal in creating the California shed was to design a storage shed that would better match a house. A California storage shed in your back yard looks like it belongs there; like it fits with the house!

As always, we are open to customizing our sheds and building them to match what you as the customer have in mind. The California is just an example of what we can do. If you would like to add lap siding or a dormer to one of our other sheds, just ask! We can even match the paint colors on your house! We’re here to build the shed you need.

Check out the California shed here!