100% Financing for your shed purchase

The good news is, yes, you can finance your shed purchase! Sequoia Sheds now offers a financing program, through RTO National. You can finance as much or as little of your purchase as you want. That means you can put, say, $500 down and make payments on the balance, or put $0 dollars down, and finance the entire purchase!

Financing your shed purchase is a great option to have. It especially makes sense if you are already paying money every month to rent a self-storage unit. Instead of throwing your money away on rent, you could be paying off a shed. We would be happy to give you an estimate of what your payment size would be, based on the size and style of shed that fits your needs. Just drop us a line on the contact page, or give us a call at 530-840-4465, and ask about financing.

Here’s an example to think about. Say you purchase one of our Ranch Standard sheds, a 10′ x 12′ model. If you put $500 down, your payments could be as low as $42 a month (for a 48 month term, at the lowest interest rate). A $145 payment would pay the building off in only 12 months! If you put $0 down, your payment for a 48 month term could still be only around $55 a month. Of course, actual payment size will vary a little, depending on your interest rate.

And here’s one more example. Say you purchase a Chalet — one of our prettiest sheds, by the way :). For an 8’x15′ size, with a $500 down payment, your payments could be as low as $98 a month. That’s a lot of shed for $98 a month!

To see if you qualify, fill out an application for financing either online or at our office. The online application is here. You will be told what amount you are approved to finance, and what the interest rate will be. Rates range from 9.99% up to a high around 21%, based on your credit score. At our office, get results in minutes!

-Theodore, Sequoia Sheds